Is your website getting enough attention?

So, you’re far enough along in your practice that you can stop, look around, and breathe for a few minutes.

And then…

The anxieties rush back in.

Maybe you realize you’d like more referrals, or higher-fee referrals. Or it’s a slow season, and your dwindling caseload is making you nervous.

What about your marketing strategy needs some tweaking? How do you get the phone ringing again?

Maybe you’ll go to that networking event, or finally start a Facebook page… And that sales guy from Yelp keeps calling to get you to sign on for their full-service advertising.

But your mind keeps wandering back to…

Your website.

Is it time for an upgrade?

Maybe the headshots could be better?

How much traffic is it even getting? Are people looking at it? What are they thinking when they see it?

You don’t have to spin out on these questions. Let’s get you some real answers you can make use of.

Introducing the 60-Minute Website Review + Strategy Session

Cut through the Overwhelm with Honest, Detailed Feedback from a Pro

As a therapist with over 15 years’ experience designing and managing websites, I’ll offer you clear, constructive feedback about how you can improve your site to better support your business goals.


We’ll Review:

  • Design cohesiveness (fonts, color scheme, layout, images, etc.)
  • Headshots
  • Branding
  • Site structure
  • Content
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website traffic analysis (if available)

Save Yourself Time, Money, and Anxiety

Website upgrades are a topic we can spin our wheels on endlessly, wasting hours and spoons. There’s always more we could be doing to improve our website, but is it really how we should be spending our time and resources? And what changes will actually make a difference?

Asking friends or colleagues for feedback only gets you so far. Are they just being nice? Do they even know what they’re talking about? How do you decide what to take seriously and what to ignore?

Web developers often charge over $100 per hour for consultation and upgrades. The Website Review + Strategy Session covers a ton of material that would normally take at least 3-5 hours to review and discuss with a website expert.

This is a sweet deal, you guys. Seriously.

So why am I doing it?

I feel strongly about empowering my fellow therapists in their businesses so they can spend our energy on the work that really matters. In my experience, overwhelm is often our biggest obstacle to realizing our goals. Like all of my offerings, The Website Review + Strategy Session cuts through the noise to give you a clear, actionable strategy for creating the business you want.

I’ve designed this sweet little package for therapists who:

  • feel overwhelmed by the prospect of improving their website

  • don’t have thousands of dollars to throw at a site upgrade they might not need,

  • are wishing for a reality check about the state of their site, and

  • want clear, actionable advice about what will move the needle in service of their unique business goals.

How It Works


Book your consultation session online (at least two business days out from today). 


Fill out the pre-meeting questionnaire. You’ll let me know your questions, frustrations, and business goals so I can tailor my feedback to your specific concerns.


Attend our 60-minute videoconference meeting. Get clear, detailed feedback and three action steps, chosen for greatest impact on your business goals.


Within 3 business days, receive a written report reviewing the feedback shared in our call, with relevant resources to support your action steps.

Level Up Your Website in One Hour

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