About Dream Your Practice

Hi! I’m Gwyn.

I’m a psychotherapist in private practice in Oakland/Berkeley, California [insert hippie/yuppie jokes here].

In 2016, after more than a year of planning, preparing, and perseverating, I launched into private practice internship.

Two weeks later, I left my day job.


Yeah, it was a leap, but I felt beyond ready to take it.

And yet, even though I thought I knew this, I learned it in a totally different way:

This shit is hard.

I wasn’t a stranger to some aspects of self-employment; I’d freelanced for over a decade as an editor and web designer, alongside my various day jobs in nonprofits and education. But as prepared as I thought I was, jumping into full-time entrepreneurship was way more challenging than I expected.

Not just logistically or financially, but emotionally. Philosophically. Politically.

(Which, of course, does feed back into logistics. Those psychological hangups sure can get in the way of executing an effective marketing strategy.)

So what did I do?

Well, I obsessed some more. I invested literally thousands of hours in thinking, reading, learning, consulting, about…

  • the tasks of launching and running a private practice,
  • my relationship to capitalism and a world that seems to be collapsing around us,
  • my life goals and mission and how those fit in (or not) to the private practice model,
  • how to level up my business to live up to the vision I had for it,
  • many times, simply surviving.

Talking helps! (Who knew?)

As stressed and freaked out as I was in the first few months, I noticed that I loved talking about the nitty gritty of launching a successful therapy practice: finances, marketing, paperwork, policies, tech, you name it. And the more nuanced, intangible aspects, too: how we not only hold onto our ethical, political, and spiritual values as business owners, but actually integrate them into our clinical work and the way we run our practices.

In fact, I couldn’t stop talking about it. I loved (and still love) talking about it so much that I found myself having the same conversations over and over about the complexities of making a living as helpers and healers with radical visions for the world.

I also found myself helping colleagues with the fundamentals of running a business, which in some ways come easier to me (as an obsessive, detail-oriented, reluctantly self-identified type A “recovering” perfectionist) than to others.

This is for you.

So you, my colleagues, are the ones who inspired me to start Dream Your Practice. I see how brilliant, compassionate, and devoted you are with your clients. I see how much you have to offer the world. And I want to help you tear down the roadblocks that are keeping you from realizing your biggest vision for your work and your life.

To those of us who have arrived in this profession with extra layers of “baggage” (i.e. structural oppression), who’ve had to fight through so much just to get to a place of being able to have this dream for ourselves: this project is especially for you. Because you have particularly potent visions for what needs to change.

The reality is, between the concrete tasks of running a successful practice and the deep psychological work required of conscious business owners, we could all use some extra support.

I’m here to help you realize your big dreams: for yourself and for the world.

So. Are you ready?

Ready to build a business that supports you as phenomenally as you support your clients?

Ready to do the deep change work in your practice and in yourself that will pave the way for creating massive change in the world?

Awesome. Let’s do this thing.

P.S. I’m no longer freaking out. (Mostly.) As excited as I was, I held off on starting this project until my practice was stable and consistently supporting me. So I’m thrilled that it’s now possible to be able to turn more fully toward supporting my colleagues in the work we bring into the world.


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